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The       potential

My first day as a psychiatrist was demoralizing. I saw five patients, every one of them depressed and suicidal. What could I offer that they hadn’t already tried? I knew there had to be something better.

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The good news? We're on the cusp of
a therapeutic revolution in mental health. Science-based therapy including psychedelic treatment
offers us real hope.



Why I Wrote the Book...

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The       pursuit

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Empathy and support are important, but we need to go where brain science is leading.

We urgently need new mental health treatment options which are safe, effective, available, and accessible.




"In The Promise of Psychedelics, you’ll see

why I suggest that the combination of psychedelics plus new therapy may potentially be one of the most important

breakthroughs in mental health

treatment for decades."


" easy-to-read guide for anyone who might be interested in the future of mental health treatment."
—Angie G., New York, NY 

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Dr. Peter Silverstone

Nearly forty years ago, Dr. Peter Silverstone was a young MD who took up a new position in psychopharmacology research at Oxford University. Since then, the field has bloomed into a spectrum of possibilities that includes the use of psychedelics as a treatment for depression, addiction, PTSD, grief, and anxiety.

And Dr. Silverstone has gone on to lead ground-breaking research into things like amphetamine interaction with the brain, mental health’s impact on physical health, psychedelic use in psychotherapy, and to lead award-winning treatment breakthroughs in mental health therapy programs.

The Promise of Psychedelics is for you, or someone you know, who is not better  despite trying mental health therapy programs and/or medications. You are not alone: one in five adults lives with a mental illness.

Dr. Peter

In the book you'll

see why I created

Almond Therapy.


I believed in it so much I started a company...


Healthy Woman

Stephanie F. 

Kentucky, USA

"It’s fresh and has a pep to it that is enjoyable. He’s funny, his analogies are AWESOME, and he’s laid the case for his work in a very objective way!”

Richard W.  

Richmond, BC, Canada

"The explanations and details about the brain and psychedelics were amazing. The book is engaging and understandable, with simple analogies used to explain complex concepts."

Morgan G. 
Langley, BC, Canada 

“I liked that Dr. Silverstone didn’t talk down to me and presumed I had the ability to understand complex information. The book moved quickly and I never felt bogged down or that reading it was a chore.”

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