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Dr. Peter Silverstone is a psychiatrist, researcher, and founder and CEO of Zylorion Health. He's also author of The Promise of Psychedelics: Science-Based Hope for Better Mental Health.



A young boy growing up in England was intrigued with science and helping people. This desire to help was forever engrained in his heart, and the hope of helping the world was born. 



In his formative years, he knew there was more he could do, more people he could help and a world he could change.

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After all these years of practice Dr. Peter Silverstone knew he was meant to bring the dream to life, and he is working on that everyday. 


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" easy-to-read guide for anyone who might be interested in the future of mental health treatment."
—Angie G., New York, NY 

Nearly forty years ago, Dr. Peter Silverstone was a young MD who took up a new position in psychopharmacology research at Oxford University. Since then, the field has bloomed into a spectrum of possibilities that includes the use of psychedelics as a treatment for depression, addiction, PTSD, grief, and anxiety.

And Dr. Silverstone has gone on to lead ground-breaking research into things like amphetamine interaction with the brain, mental health’s impact on physical health, psychedelic use in psychotherapy, and to lead award-winning treatment breakthroughs in mental health therapy programs.

The Promise of Psychedelics is for you—if you or someone you know has not received successful treatment despite trying several mental health therapy programs and medication. You are not alone: one in five adults at any one time suffer mental health issues that impact their functioning.

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" easy-to-read guide for anyone who might be interested in the future of mental health treatment."
—Angie G., New York, NY 

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Dr. Peter Silverstone

Dr. Peter Silverstone is a physician, neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and author focused on designing and implementing new solutions to prevent and treat mental health disorders. He is chief executive officer and founder of Zylorion Health, and a professor and interim chair in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Silverstone has been an active brain and pharmaceutical researcher in areas including psychopharmacology, self-esteem, bipolar disorder, imaging, depression in medically ill patients, e-mental health, and training police offers in de-escalation techniques. He has received research grants and funding from a wide source of agencies, including Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and other national and international bodies. He was continuously funded by Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS) and its predecessor Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) from 1994–2013 and he was the inaugural scientific director for the Strategic Clinical Network in Addiction and Mental Health (SCN) for Alberta Health Services.


Healthy Woman

Stephanie F. 

Kentucky, USA

"It’s fresh and has a pep to it that is enjoyable. He’s funny, his analogies are AWESOME, and he’s laid the case for his work in a very objective way!”

Richard W.  

Richmond, BC, Canada

"The explanations and details about the brain and psychedelics were amazing. The book is engaging and understandable, with simple analogies used to explain complex concepts."

Pikko's House

Honolulu HI, USA

"...completely transf0.15ormational. A message of hope for clinicians and those who live with mental illness. For those with resistance to medications or for those who have a condition with no approved medication, you have changed the game."

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