Many of those with mental health issues or concerns have faced stigma. In 2017 I launched an Anti-Stigma initiative to provide another view, but this time from those who experienced a variety of challenges. I called this initiative Shrink Wrapped - a creative way of describing a Psychiatrist's discussions about serious topics.

However, these were not patients. All I asked the amazing producers was to introduce me to “interesting” people who may have something that could illustrate this. Prior to the interview I knew nothing about them apart from their first name.


Some of these interviews have been watched more than 10,000 times, and I think they will be helpful when you consider the wide range of individuals who may be helped by the new approach I describe in Promise of Psychedelics.


I hope you enjoy them, and again I want to thank all the amazing individuals who opened up on camera to help others. Like me, you may also learn things from them that help you. 

Psychiatrist Asks Strangers On The Street About Their Lives
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